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I try to help others become better as individuals, so humanity can become better as a whole.

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How to rename files to lowercase on Linux

Coming from Microsoft Windows, where the file system was basically case insensitive, I have had to change some of my development code bases to respect the case sensitive nature of the Linux ext file system. To that end, I needed to rename some files to their lower case equivalent. More than that, it needed to rename recursively, diving into each folder one after another and renaming the files I wanted changed, which were all of the .cshtml files.

Wide Open Spaces

I’m fortunate enough to live on a 100 acre block of land in country NSW, Australia. I don’t like to think of myself as the owner, merely as the caretaker, looking after the land so that it can be passed on in better condition to those that come after me. This photo was taken not long after we purchased the land. I took the photo both to experiment with the (then new) Mamiya RZ67, and also to record what I thought was a quintessential country Australia vista.

How to connect Linux to an iPhone hotspot

As part of my mission to move completely from closed operating systems (such as Microsoft Windows or Apple OSX) to completely open systems (such as Linux), I needed to be able to use my iPhone (yes, I know!) hotspot so that I could plug the iPhone into the laptop and have an internet connection. I am using Debian, but the instructions below apply for any Ubuntu based system. First, make sure your packages are updated.

God is all around us

In 2014 I was burning out an old tree stump on our property. I had left the stump alone to burn, and it had been burning for almost 5 hours. At some point I decided to check on the progress of the burn, and found this amazing site - a perfect cross burned through the stump. God is all around us.

How to generate a sine wave in Golang

One of the common exercises I remember from my Computer Science study days was writing a function that output a sine wave into an audio file that could be played back through the computer speakers. I have always been interested in DSP (though am certainly no expert). Lately I have been really focussing on Go for my backend server projects, and so I wondered “how hard would it be to write a Go function to output a sine wave file?” So here it is!

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