What would you do if all the advice in the world disappeared?

Before you start a creative endeavour, do you do some research? Read a book, watch a YouTube video, skim some blog posts… I know I do.

“Oh, that info will definitely come in useful later” we tell ourselves.

What happens each time we do that is we get a little dopamine rush, and our brain is tricked into thinking that we’ve actually done work.

But have we?

What would happen if all the advice in the world disappeared? Our books were taken, libraries closed, internet was down, smartphones didn’t connect…

Would we sit around unsure of what to do?

Or would we grab our pen, our camera, or our brushes, and create something?

As children, we don’t wait for permission, we don’t ask how to do it perfectly - we fearlessly create, and we love it!


Posted on May 21, 2020 in Articles | Tags: WorkCreativity