Hi, I'm Brendan, this is my story

I started reading quite early, and was reading 3-5 books per week in primary school.

While I was never an amazing artist, I would draw, I liked to write stories, and I built things from my imagination using LEGO.

As a child, I was a creator, as are so many children.


I continued my reading through high school, now with giant non-fiction books at the breakfast table, alongside a giant bowl of Cornflakes.

My child-like creativity had waned, but I was creating in other ways, mostly by writing computer programs.

In my early 20’s I got my first career job as a computer programmer and thanks to the new income I spent a lot of time (and money) learning about and working on cars.


By my mid 20’s though, something was changing. My career was an instrument to earn more money. The money was an instrument to buy more things. And the things were instruments to provide more pleasure.

Pleasure does not equal happiness.


At the time of writing this in 2020 I am 40 years old.

Having a 2 year old daughter has helped remind me of the child-like joy for creation that we are all born with, but it has also come with the realisation that I haven’t created anything of artistic merit in over 15 years.


I am now on a mission to rediscover my creativity, sharing everything that I learn and do with others, in the hope that if you’ve lost your creativity, we can find it again together, or if you haven’t yet lost it, to do everything we can to help you hold on to it and keep it healthy.


I’d love to hear your story, so please feel free to say hello: