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The first stage of our truck build is to sound proof the chassis with DynaMat Extreme. We are also upgrading the 21 year old factory Toyota audio system with JL Audio speakers, amplifier, and subwoofer.

For the build of our truck over the next few weeks, we are lucky enough to have use of an empty factory unit. This gives us plenty of space to work on the Landcruiser. The first thing we did was set the factory unit up by laying our tools and parts out.

As part of the stereo installation we are installing some JL Audio 6” speakers into the rear doors. Toyota fitted 4” speakers as factory standard into the rear doors, and thus 2 modifications are needed to fit the new 6” speakers. First off I built some custom speaker enclosures from 16mm MDF. They were a simple affair with a flat design. The second step was to enlarge the speaker hole in the inner door skin. To do that I used my Makita jigsaw with a fine toothed metal cutting blade.

These are the new speaker enclosures during a trial fitting. When they are finished they will be trimmed in the same gray vinyl that Toyota used from factory, and they will be mounted firmly to the factory door trim.

Just neatening up the MDF - particle board joint.

The main job that we’ve undertaken the last 2 days is to sound proof the rear of the truck. The front of the truck will be done later, but the rear was more pressing, as it was standing in the way of fitting drawers and cargo barrier etc. We used Dynamat Extreme which we bought from Ryda. In fact we bought all the JL Audio gear from Ryda too. Their online store is really easy to use, and their delivery is incredibly fast. When you’re spending your hard earned dollars, it’s a nice feeling to get good customer service in return. This is me fitting some Dynamat into the left rear quarter panel. The most important areas to install Dynamat are (in order of importance) doors, floors, boot, roof.

It’s dead easy to install Dynamat. Simply cut it with scissors, pull the backing paper off, and push down (ideally with a rubber roller) so that the self adhesive sticks well.

We made sure to cover the full rear of the 4WD, especially the wheel arches, as the steel there is relatively thin, and is subject to direct road and impact noise from the tyres and any stones/dirt that is thrown up into the guard.

Last week we picked up our order from ARB, Moorebank. Rob looked after us really well. Everything we asked for was listed correctly, he’s kept us up to date with the one or two items that they didn’t already have in stock, and has simply been a friendly person to deal with. Again, when you’re spending your hard earned dollars, you really want to feel happy and confident that you’ve given it to a company that deserves it. Well done ARB.

This is our Safari Snorkel snorkel on the left, ARB aluminium cage roof rack in the middle, roof rack fitting kit on the right, and our JL Audio speakers on top along with some of the Landcruiser interior trim.

We will have a more detailed article about our suspension setup, and the fitting thereof, but for now you can see that we will be running a 2” lift using all OME components.

These are our Outback Solutions drawers, and the 2 wheel carriers for the ARB rear bar. We will be fitting the drawers next, and will have a separate article featuring them very soon.

This is how the back of the truck looked once we had completed the Dynamat installation. The right hand rear quarter panel already has a good sheet of sound proofing in it, so we left that as-is, however the rest of the rear of the truck was completely covered. Once the drawers go in and we’ve progressed with installation of some of the exterior items I will come back to cover the middle and front sections of the truck with Dynamat.

THE most important area to sound proof in any vehicle is the doors. If possible you should cover both the outer and the inner skins. Here I am fitting Dynamat to the outer skin. I will cover the inner skin once we’ve got the rest of the truck built, as the inner skin can be done easily at any time.

Some more goodies. These are our MAXTRAX, and we will be doing a full feature on these soon. In the back right are 2 ARB Air Lockers. We don’t expect to be using the front locker much, but being that we will be travelling solo quite frequently we are erring on the side of caution (aka overkill!).

And even more goodies! This sexy bunch of boxes is our Narva and Projecta gear. Unfortunately most of this gear will be hidden away, but it’s all critical to the reliable enjoyment of what we’re planning on doing. We will be doing full features on the installation and use of all of this gear soon.

The GME UHF is probably the first item we bought for the truck. It’s been in the truck for quite a while, but we’ve got a longer aerial to install after we’ve fitted the new ARB winch bar on the front.

Here is a sneak peak of our Outback Solutions drawers. We’ve looked at all of the different drawer types over the years, and these consistently get put at the top of our list when it comes to quality. This is one product where I would not have run anything else, even if it was given to me for free. I would rather have a quality product in my truck, paid for out of my own pocket, rather than use anything else.

4WD parts everywhere! We’ve got lots of parts to fit, and not a lot of time to fit them - but we’re confident it will all come together in time!

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