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We took the chance while we were in Rockhampton to fit the awesome Safari front mount intercooler kit. The level grass and optimal conditions were the best opportunity for us to take care and do a proper job. In fact, the intercooler kit is so well designed that it was a testament to Safari that we were able to easily install the kit “in the field”.

These are all the parts that come with the kit. The cardboard box has all the hardware, and the instructions. Speaking of instructions, this kit has had the best instructions I’ve seen since I last got Lego for Christmas!!

I was pretty excited at the thought of having this bad boy laying across the engine.

Let the work begin!! The instructions recommend removing the bumper bar off the factory vehicle, or the bullbar off a modified vehicle. I chose to leave the bullbar on because I didn’t have anyone to help me lift it off (it’s a very heavy steel winch bar). In the end, I didn’t need to remove the bullbar - so if you are installing this kit on an 80 series and you have an ARB bullbar, you can leave it on!

The instructions lead you gently through every step of the installation. This is the space (between the radiator and the front grille) that the intercooler will be mounted.

Even though our Landcruiser is 21 years old, all of the bolts still come out cleanly. You can’t beat Toyota quality!

While you don’t have to remove the bullbar, you do have to remove the grille and the headlight surrounds. This is a dead easy job on an 80 series, and I’ve done it a few times now.

Not a bad garage for working on your 4B!

One thing I can’t stress enough when servicing, or upgrading your 4WD - use Loctite!!! With the conditions we drive in, it is critical to ensure that everything stays tight. Of course, it’s no substitute for actually getting under the 4WD every now and then and running the tools over everything, but it certainly helps.

The little details matter… the fitment of these parts was perfect!

You are required to cut 2 pieces of bodywork to fit this intercooler kit into an 80 series. The first cut is here in the wheel well. The other cut is a round hole under the headlights (which can be done easily with a hole saw). This cut in the wheel well required a saw, but was easy work. I cut an extra 10mm from what the template suggested, and I am glad that I did. Extra clearance here is needed.

If you have an ARB bullbar, you will also need to trim the 6mm piece of metal above the chassis rail. Again, this is easy with an electric saw.

This is the rough fitment of one of the intercooler pipes. The clearances tighten right up when everything is bolted together, hence the reason I cut 10mm extra from the template suggestion.

Looks factory! Just with more power :)

Things get tight down through here, and while there is contact at some points, it is rubber hose on rubber hose. If any issues with wear occur it would be a simple matter of wrapping one (or both) of the hoses in a protective sheath. Safari have done an amazing job to design everything so accurately. They are fitting an entire front mount intercooler kit in a space that the factory never planned for!

Here you can see the tolerances have tightened up once everything is bolted in. If you ask me, I think it looks great!

This is the round hole beneath the headlights mentioned earlier. Safari supply a protective rubber edge, and everything fits fantastically.

The intercooler core mounts between the radiator and the grille. Everything lines up perfectly and nothing has to be forced to bolt it all up. That’s precision you just don’t get with dodgy cheap ripoffs.

It wasn’t in the instructions, but I made sure I mounted the plastic inner guard trim. It was a simple matter of wrapping zip-ties around the intercooler pipe.

All done!

From the front you wouldn’t even know that the Landcruiser was packing more power!

Tight, but still plenty of room, and it looks great.

Again, this looks factory, and just oozes quality!

Nice and neat, and done right the first time.

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