Lap of Australia - Truck Build - ROH Wheels & Hankook Tyres

We are using ROH Black Trak Wheels on our Landcruiser, and this morning we picked up the wheel and tyre assemblies after Ken at Macarthur Tyres in Camden (NSW) fitted the wheels with Hankook DynaPro MT 285/75R16 tyres.

Before I go on, what I will say is that regardless of what product or business we are writing about, whether we have acquired product through a partnership or we have bought it with our own hard earned money, we will tell it how it is. In this particular case ROH expressed a desire to support our adventure quite early on, whereas Ken from Macarthur Tyres simply gave us great service and I gave him a great bundle of $50 notes!

Anyway - we’ve got 8 wheel and tyre assemblies here. 4 for the Landcruiser, 2 for the Australian Off Road ODYSSEY camper trailer, and 2 spares that will both be on the ARB rear bar wheel carriers.

The notable thing about our wheel and tyre combination is the tyres - when you flick through the magazines you never see a touring 4WD with Hankook tyres. Why? Well I figure that maybe Hankook doesn’t push the commercial arrangements with the magazines as hard as some of the other tyre manufacturers, but who knows the real reason.

What I do know is this: our Hankook tyres, at full retail price, cost $100-150 PER TYRE less than comparable tyres from other manufacturers. Who wants to pay $400 per tyre? That’s crazy!

The tread pattern on the DynaPro MT is more aggressive than normal All-Terrain tyres, but not quite as wild as some of the mud terrain tyres available these days. We are expecting the tread pattern to offer the perfect mix of on and off road performance.

My two younger brothers have recently done a couple of trips. First they did Sydney to Cape York, which comprises 5,500km or so of tarmac driving, and the usual Cape York off road driving. Then most recently they did the Victorian High Country, which was around 2,000km tarmac, and the usual rocky high country off road driving.

The notable thing about these two trips was that on one car were a set of “popular” mud terrain tyres, and on the other were a set of 33” (15 inch rims) Hankook DynaPro MT. The end result of the two trips (keeping in mind both guys are very good at setting correct tyre pressures) was that the Hankooks had hardly any visible wear on them, with no chunking or damaged tread blocks - the other tyres looked half worn out, with completely torn off tread blocks and major rounding off of most other tread blocks. One was a $250 tyre, the other was a $400 tyre…

And lastly, I receive great personal satisfaction at running Hankook tyres, as my late grandfather (who travelled most of our great country in or on various wheeled vehicles and is a major inspiration to many things I do in my life) used Hankook tyres for a long time, and spoke extremely highly of them at every chance.

So without further ado… these are our Hankook DynaPro MT tyres on our ROH Black Trak wheels! I must say, I think they look pretty awesome together, and I can’t wait to get them mounted to the truck!

Here is a close up of our ROH Black Trak wheel. We decided to go with a steel wheel for the simple fact that they are indestructible, and if you are a wild enough driver that you do actually damage one, they can be bush welded or bush bashed to get you going again. Having said that, I reckon these look pretty amazing for a simple and “old fashioned” steel wheel.

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