Lap of Australia - Truck Build - Cargo Barrier

Today we finished off the ARB rear bar wheel carriers, installed the Outback Solutions cargo barrier, and removed the factory side skirts.

While I was finishing off the rear bar installation, Elly got down on the trolley and removed the factory side skirts.

Ellys handywork with the (somewhat bent) factory side skirt on the floor.

This is a shot of the cargo barrier and central divider / shelf after we installed it. The fit and finish of the Outback Solutions products is awesome. The same company makes both the drawers and the cargo barrier and they all fit together perfectly.

Looking good!

I finished the last few parts of the ARB rear bar installation including number plate holder installation (the blue race tape is temporary), wheel carrier stud installation, and the left hand side urethane trim installation.

This is how the rear of the Landcruiser is looking now. I have to say that I’m quite impressed with how it looks - now we just need a more appropriate back drop than the ugly industrial factory interior!

Another view of the Outback Solutions drawers and cargo barrier.

This is how it looks with all the tools and parts put away - much neater.

I haven’t mentioned this before, but we have a 4x4 Concepts double pod on the A pillar with two Autometer Gauges - boost and EGT. I will be doing a separate article on our custom instrument panel and dash illumination soon.

We bought some cheap canvas seat covers from Supercheap and Elly fitted them. I don’t generally like putting cheap products on our truck, but in this case I can happily say the covers are only cheap in regards to the price we paid - their construction is pretty impressive, and the material is very comfortable.

Quite a while ago I bought Sand Grabba mats - we finally got around to fitting them today. As with everything else we’ve bought so far, their fit and finish is top notch. They should be great for keeping the sand and mud off the factory carpet.

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