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Elly and I were based in South East Queensland for a few weeks before our trip officially kicked off. While there we headed out west to Beaudesert where Brian and Jane from Beaudesert Exhaust kitted us out with their awesome 3” stainless steel CNC mandrel bent exhaust!

The drive from the Gold Coast out to Beaudesert is really quite scenic, and the area around Beaudesert is beautiful. Elly and I commented a number of times that the country areas out that way would be nice places for us to live if/when we stop travelling!

When we arrived Jane met us at the office and led us through to where Brian showed us around the impressive modern facilities.

The vision and mission that Brian and Jane have defined for Beaudesert Exhaust is clear to see in every aspect of their business, their facilities, and their staff.

The quantity and range of exhaust systems available on the racks and shelves is impressive.

Walking through the factory is an impressive experience. Everything is organised, clean, and the machines are amazing!

Brian had just received delivery of a brand new CNC bending machine before we arrived. They were busy programming it and developing ways for it to increase the quality and quantity of product range that they produce.

Considering the cost of these machines, the fact that Beaudesert Exhaust has so many of them shows how far they are prepared to go to meet their vision statement and to provide the best product and service to their customers.

Want a precision CNC bent exhaust for your VW Amarok?! This is no dodgy back alley exhaust shop!

One of the newest and most popular systems that Beaudesert Exhaust produces is for the new 79 series Toyota Landcruisers. The exhaust on Brian’s 79 series ute made his V8 sound incredible. In fact, it sounded so good that we felt a bit envious with our “lowly” 6 cylinder HDJ!

If you have any doubt about whether Beaudesert Exhaust has a system for your vehicle, or whether they have it in stock, the rows and rows of packaged exhausts on the shelves should put you at ease!

There were 3 reasons we chose Beaudesert Exhaust for our Lap of Australia 80 series.

A 3” exhaust allows the engine to expel the massive quantities of exhaust gas that a 4.2L engine produces. This allows the turbo to spool up quicker, reduces EGT, and gives us greater scope to tune the fuel pump for better power and economy. We chose to use stainless steel for our exhaust. Stainless steel won’t rust, can still be repaired in the field, and looks great.

On top of all those benefits, a 3” exhaust sounds AMAZING. There is no droning at highway speed, no deafening roar, just a beautifully sharp diesel note with a smooth turbo whistle laid over the top.

To fit our new 3” stainless steel exhaust, Beaudesert Exhaust removed the old system. Notably, the factory 80 series exhaust is crimped down to less than 1” over the rear diff, producing a massive restriction in the system.

Beaudesert Exhaust can supply custom turbo dump pipes to further complement the main 3” exhaust. The factory dump pipe on the HDJ80 isn’t bad, but it can still be improved. Most importantly, adding a custom dump pipe allows the internal diameter of the exhaust to be a true 3” all the way from the turbo exhaust turbine to the rear outlet.

There’s nothing like bolting shiny new components onto your vehicle! Because Beaudesert Exhaust uses CNC machines to bend all of their systems, they can be built to extremely fine tolerances, ensuring that every exhaust will clear the factory components such as chassis, suspension arms, fuel tanks etc.

The welding on the Beaudesert Exhaust systems is brilliant. This is the hanger on the front muffler. Note that it is fully welded on each side of the bracket - most shops would only run a couple of 1cm long welds here. Shortcuts like that will lead to failure when you’re in the outback. There are no shortcuts here!

The rear of the system fits perfectly between the suspension mounts and the fuel tank.

Then it’s all topped off by a beautiful rear exit section that fits perfectly.

Starting the Landcruiser and driving away from Beaudesert Exhaust at the end of the day was a deeply satisfying and enjoyable experience. The Landcruiser sounded amazing, drove beautifully, and we are confident in the knowledge that our 3” CNC bent Beaudesert Exhaust is going to last for many years and many amazing kilometres of outback travel.

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