Lap of Australia - Truck Build - All Four x 4 & Terrain Tamer Servicing and Maintenance

Our first port of call on our Lap of Australia was to All Four x 4 in Charlestown, Newcastle, NSW where Peter Harris and the guys took a comprehensive look at our 80 series Landcruiser and fixed every issue, no matter how small.

Terrain Tamer were one of our earliest supporters, and helped us out with various parts for our Landcruiser including new wheel bearings, gearbox bearings, transfer case bearings, engine coolant and heater hoses, clutch, and more.

All Four x 4 have 2 main departments: the workshop department and the spare parts department.

The range of spare parts (both new and second hand) available was phenomenal.

All Four x 4 also have fully rebuilt gearboxes on the shelf, ready to ship out in an emergency. Now that’s committment!

Our Landcruiser spent most of its time in the workshop department where the guys fitted all of the Terrain Tamer parts for us. While they had everything disassembled, we also had them fit a set of Marks 25% reduction gears into the transfer case. The list of replacement parts was comprehensive, and included items that you should ensure are in good condition on your vehicle such as clutch plates, wheel bearings, tailshaft universal joints, and suspension bushes.

We also made use of the spare parts department where All Four x 4 supplied a set of brand new OEM side mirrors. The old mirrors had developed rattles and vibrations, and those would have caused major issues when we hit the corrugations. They also supplied new door rubbers and a few other small spare parts - something that All Four x 4 specialise in. Importantly for us, they are able to ship parts to anywhere in Australia and are connected to a massive network of dealers electronically to be able to source and supply parts no matter where we might be.

One of the biggest issues we found was caused by such a simple thing. At some point in the history of our Landcruiser, somebody had done the filler plug on the gearbox casing up too tightly and had snapped part of the casting off the housing. A poor attempt at repair followed and what resulted was a filler plug that was never sealing.

This is the section of the filler plug thread on our old housing.

Now compare it to the undamaged section on this excellent-condition replacement housing.

The difference is massive. So it was out with the old gearbox housing, and in with the new. Fortunately we were replacing all of the bearings, synchros and other worn parts inside the gearbox, so while it was still an expensive exercise we can rest easily in the knowledge that we’ve got a solid gearbox, inside and out, under the Landcruiser.

Overall we were exceptionally happy with the quality of work that the guys carried out. We have found that not many workshops these days really do take pride in their work. Some of them have been downright incompetent. Not so with All Four x 4. We drove out of Newcastle and I actually said to Elly “that’s probably the first workshop in my 15 years owning modified vehicles that I would actually recommend to someone”.

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