Lap of Australia - Summary: Karijini National Park

We picked up some supplies and fuel in Port Hedland and made our way to Karijini National Park. If all went as planned, Dale’s Camping Spot is where we were going to lay down on our pillows that night.

After taking a while longer than expected to get there, we were concerned about arriving after business hours because of our earlier experiences in Broome. When we arrived however, there was a self-registration system in place and facility to set up camp and pay fees in the morning. We were very grateful!

There were plenty of assigned camping spots and designated areas for people with generators and we had no trouble finding a spot. There were quite a few people camping at the park, but it didn’t feel crowded. Of specific note, there are no water facilities in the park… except for the magnificent water holes to swim in!

There are several walks you can do in the park to explore Dale’s Gorge and they range from easy to moderately hard. We did a bit of a big loop to see Fortescue Falls at one end and Circular Pool at the other end using the moderate to moderately hard trails. The walks and the swimming holes are the best we have experienced to date. The landscape was new to us and was simply magic to experience.

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