Lap of Australia - Summary: Geraldton To Bunbury

After leaving the beautiful aqua water of Shark Bay behind for a couple of hours, we found ourselves suddenly out of the red dirt desert-type surrounds and into lush pastures! We crested a small hill to find, yet again, “new country”.

What we found most interesting was that the fields of sheep, grain and vineyards seemed to stretch on and on despite only being 15 kilometres and closing from the capital city.

Our evening destination was Bunbury which is located further south of the city, so we just did a bit of a cruise around town to check it out. As we always seem to compare new things to the things and places we know, we decided that the CBD of Perth reminded us a bit of North Sydney street and building wise. We felt like such bumpkins in from the scrub in our dirty 4B rolling around with our windows down gawking at the people and the buildings! What… is… this? Civilisation?!

We arrived comfortably in Bunbury right on sunset with a great view over the water and the surprise of a classic Holden. The owner of the classic car had driven a couple to the beach for a marriage proposal and was waiting to drive them home after dinner from the restaurant they had gone to for their first date. Awwwwwww.

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