Lap of Australia - Summary: Cape York

After spending a few weeks at Big Crystal Creek, we set off further north to Cape Tribulation. We had planned on staying at Noah Beach camp ground for a few nights in the Daintree NP and almost pre-purchased our stay while we had the internet… however luckily we didn’t as when we arrived the campground was totally full (regardless of the availability showing online!). We ended up just having an overnight camp at PK’s Jungle and a nice walk along the beach in the morning.

After our walk we began heading north on the Bloomfield track and approached our very first water crossing for the trip.

Heading towards Cooktown we passed Black Mountain.

Then we started the long unsealed road trek towards the tip.

We spent our first few nights at 12 Mile Creek and had a bit of time out. There was a new Ranger Station at the entrance and they also had a kiosk you could use to book your camping, despite the signs saying you must do it online before you arrive.

Next we headed out to Cape Melville. The drive took us about 4.5hrs from Kalpowar to the Cape and we set up right on the beach. There were granite boulder hills around similar to Black Mountain tumbling off into the ocean which were pretty spectacular!

As we were on the western side of the Cape, we managed to get another ocean sunset.

Unfortunately the wind was very gusty and we didn’t have a very good sleep for two nights with our tent blowing around our heads noisily! We left a day earlier than we had planned to make an overnight stop at Kalpowar to make use of the showers and get a fresh start for heading closer to the Old Telegraph Track. The bird life on the plains varied, but this day we were greeted with hundreds of black cockatoos.

Next we camped at the very beginning of the track at Palm Creek. It was very dry and dusty, but we wanted to get an early start on the track! And lucky we did, as it happened we needed to winch out of the creek!

After some dusty and very corrugated driving along the Old Telegraph Track, we made camp at Canal Creek. This place was an absolute life saver! Fresh water that you could swim in, hooray!

Natural spa baths all round! We feel sorry for those down stream… there was some nice clean white sand for some scrubbing too!

Only about 2km away we found Elliott Falls and Twin Falls. We had a morning trip up there and had twin falls to ourselves for over an hour. It was magnificent!

After spending a few days at Canal Creek relaxing we made the rest of the drive up to the tip.

We got “the photo” and decided we were happy to make our way back down south rather than stay up the top.

On the way back the ferry seemed to break down for 10-15 minutes and wouldn’t start! We were beginning to think that we had been punished for not staying up the top longer.

After an overnight stop on the way down, we took the Dixie Road and Bourke Developmental Road heading out towards Normanton. These roads were great and just what you would expect from an outback road being gravel with some bumps and a few potholes to dodge, but otherwise pleasant to drive on and not rattling your teeth out of your head!

We crossed Mitchell River before arriving in Normanton, which is listed as not being passable in the wet season. The banks of the river were so wide and the river sand around showed how big it could be in the wet!

We stopped for a while in Mt Isa and caught up with some friends and family, but otherwise we weren’t very impressed with Mt Isa. Toxic town - awesome people. So we changed our plans and decided we would head toward Alice Springs and Uluru!

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