Gerringong Day Trip

Gerringong is a small town on the southern coast of NSW, about 2 hours south of Sydney. It is one of our favourite locations to escape to for a day trip and today we ventured down there for some fish and chips and some photography.

This was the park bench that we were sitting on to have lunch. This is down at the Gerringong boat harbour. I took this shot with the Nikon D3s and a 14-24mm f2.8 lens. I particularly like the star burst pattern that this lens gives when shooting into the sun.

Funnily enough the boat harbour has a boat ramp! This is looking down the boat ramp out to sea. The tide was coming in at the time and the pelicans and sea gulls were out in force and feeding on the fish off to the right of the ramp.

This is looking south off to the right of the boat ramp. You can walk all the way down to the tip and over the grass headland. On the other side is a volcanic seam running down off the hill perpendicular to the water. It’s a channel where the lava has flowed down to the water and cooled as it hit the water. It stands about 1 metre above the surrounding rock and is quite jagged. I didn’t get a photo of the lava formation this time around though.

Everyone has seen a pelican before, but this guy was having a good feed right in front of us as the fish were being washed in on the tide.

This photo makes Elly laugh. I call it “The Strutting Seagull”. Enough said!

I was playing around with some composition on a few shots, and I liked the way this one turned out. The green of the moss and the brown of the rusty pole work well together.

This shot is taken from a headland a bit further north, closer to the town centre. This is looking north over the actual township of Gerringong.

Later in the evening we walked through a cemetery on one of the headlands. I have never walked through a cemetery before. Reading the grave stones was quite a moving experience, and some of the messages were touching and inspiring. For me there was one gravestone message in particular that I will hold with me forever. It said: “Deeds, not words”.

This particular statue was on the grave of a wife and mother. The statue had a message from her son that read along the lines of “I miss you mum”.

At the end of our day we drove back home and detoured via an old lookout only 100m from where my cousin used to live. You used to be able to look out onto the Sydney CBD (from quite a distance), but there are shrubs in the way now. I took this long night exposure in the field that we walked across to get to the lookout.

Gerringong is a really nice place to visit for a day trip. In the course of our day there we saw whales breaching in the ocean directly out from the Gerringong town centre, we looked out across an old Lava run into the ocean, had a peaceful and secluded lunch at the Gerringong boat harbour, had ice-cream at Scoops Ice Cream in town, and had a very relaxing time in the clean salty air that only a beach side town can provide.


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