Why I Write by George Orwell

Why I Write by George Orwell

I bought this book along with almost all of the Penguin Classic books. They’re all small in their number of pages, and all have been recognised as important books for one reason or another.

From the title, I thought this book would be more about the processes and thoughts that George Orwell had while writing. In some ways it was, but it was definitely more about his thoughts. Specifically, it was almost entirely a commentary on the political times (1930’s-40’s) that George Orwell lived in.

Was I disappointed? Not at all. I haven’t read any of George Orwell’s books (yet), though I do know what books he wrote, and what those books were about. It was actually quite refreshing to read (and be informed) about the times that he lived in, and his view of those times.

The last chapter / essay was specifically about the language of writing, which was eerily relevant in 2016, almost 70 years after the essay was written.

Would I recommend this book? I have never had any interest in history, but I found the historical aspects interesting, and the writing style engaging. In general, I would say that if you respect George Orwell as an author, I would absolutely recommend this book.

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