The art of cycling by Cadel Evans

The art of cycling by Cadel Evans

I’m an Australian guy, about the same age as Cadel. I have raced bikes most of my life, although nowhere near the level of Cadel. It was great to read the stories of his youth, as it took me back to mine - reading about and admiring the riders and events of the 90’s, both in MTB and road.

The book was great. Cadel has a unique style, as anyone who has seen him be interviewed can attest to. His writing style is similar, and is perfectly readable. I would give the book 5 stars for Cadel’s storytelling ability. I am knocking off 1 star though for the editing. I’m sure Cadel did a brilliant job of writing and re-writing, editing his own words as best he could. Unfortunately, I feel that the ABC editors (it’s their job), let him down, and allowed enough grammatical errors to get through that, at times, they broke me (the reader) out of the story that Cadel was telling, and made the error more noticeable than the story.

But don’t let that prevent you from buying and/or reading this book. Even if you don’t like or follow cycling, I think the book is worth a read for this fact alone: Cadel competed (and won) in a sport that was plagued with cheats and liars. He did it with integrity, honesty, and hard-bloody-work. I think this book is a brilliant parable that can help us all be better people in our corrupt, egotistical, kill-or-be-killed society.

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